Cantilever Towers

With a wide selection of cantilevered towers available for sale and hire, we create towers at varying heights and reaches to fit your specific requirements. These access systems are available in single or double widths as well as side-on or end-on designs.

Cantilever access towers make for a quick and simple alternative to the full tube and fitting scaffolding, supporting a wide range of trades/industries.


Key Cantilever Tower features:

  • Access to roofs and fascia fittings over shop canopies
  • Reaching between slabs into dry risers, lift shafts, and atriums
  • Avoid bridged towers reaching over fixed machinery
  • Access areas above pipework and cabling
  • Single or double widths; end-on or side-on designs
  • Useful to various industrial operatives including structural architects, glaziers, roofers, steel fixers and ladders 

For Cantilever Tower hire, call us today for a no-obligation quote: 0330 100 2833



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