GRP Towers & Railway Towers

GRP Fibreglass has become one of the UK’s most popular and versatile access tower systems, due to it being universally safe within any working environment, including those with electrical systems within close proximity. 

With a huge range of double and single-width towers and GRP fiberglass scaffolding parts available for hire, we have a tower platform for every job. Our specialist team will custom design and build to your specifications.

Railway works present a variety of unique requirements and challenges which are not present at the average site and nowhere is this more obvious than the London Underground. Long tunnels and necessarily limited maintenance time have resulted in the need for compact scaffold tower designs for tube ceiling access that could mount onto the rails for super-fast mobility around the network. Escalator banisters also demand a custom design specification to safely access the ceiling area above them. 

Adaptability, experience, and bespoke capability are essential for working in these unique environments and are further complicated by issues like live rails, the general public, and the trains themselves!

Key GRP Tower features:

  • Zone 1 rated; universally safe
  • Non-conductive – safe even in electrical environments
  • Ideal for railway usage
  • Ideal for electrical engineers carrying out installations, repairs, inspections, and maintenance
  • Non-sparking to remove fire risks around combustible materials like gas, chemicals, paint, and even dust.
  • Impact-resistant fittings reduce downtime
  • nylon spigots prevent frames from jamming
  • High visibility colors
  • Easy to clean and warm to the touch

Key Railway Tower features:

  • Full track and track-to-platform towers
  • On-rail tube ceiling access towers
  • Underground specific escalator access
  • Safe access to trackside walls

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