X-Hire Machine Hire

Popular Industry terms.

These are common terms we hear from our customers every day requiring equipment on site: 

  • Powered Access hire, MEWP hire, Aerial Platform hire, Cherry Picker hire, Scissor Lift hire, Boom Lift hire, Articulating Boom Lift hire, Telescopic Boom hire, Stick Boom Hire, Straight Boom hire

The terms are very interchangeable, as despite some differences in function, for many jobs, they allow you to work at height safely.

Powered Access hire

The overarching name for the ‘access’ machines that allow customers to work at height. The power element of the term comes from the fact that these machines are propelled by battery, electricity, a combination of both (Bi-Energy), or diesel. Non-powered access relates to Aluminium Tower (lightweight scaffolding) or low-level access platforms such as Peco Lifts and Eco Lifts


A Mobile Elevated Work Platform. Exactly the same as ‘Powered Access’. 

Aerial Platform

It’s in the name. A platform that allows customers to work at height. It could be mechanical or non-mechanical access equipment. It’s a generalisation of all the working at heigh solutions X-Hire can provide.

Cherry Picker Hire

The Cherry Picker was originally invented for…you guessed it…picking fruit! It provided an aerial platform on which workers could reach and access high level areas. In 1944, cherries were picked by hand using ladders and stepstools. Continuously maneuvering these was time-consuming and tedious, hence a gentleman named Kat Eitel invented the Cherry Picker. 

There was a quick realisation that these powered access machines could be used for much, much more. The cherry picker has revolutionised several industries.

Boom Lift Hire 

Boom Lifts come in many different shapes and sizes. The main point of difference, in comparison to a scissor lift, is that you have horizontal reach i.e not just straight up in the air. With the boom lift category, you have Articulated Boom Lifts and Telescopic Boom Lifts. Choosing the right boom lift will make a huge difference to how efficiently, profitably and safely you complete the job.

Telescopic Boom Lift (also called a Stick Boom Lift or Straight Boom Lift)

A Telescopic Boom Lift powered access machine has a boom that ‘telescopes’ outwards from the boom hoist in a straight direction. They are also referred to as a ‘Stick Boom’ or ‘Straight Boom’ because of their appearance. Telescopic booms have greater horizontal outreach than other aerial platforms.

Articulating Boom Lift

Articulated Boom Lifts are fantastic when you need to reach ‘up and over’ obstacles. They typically have less horizontal reach than telescopic boom lifts, but they are much more versatile within confined working areas. The Niftylift HR21 Hybrid is a good example. 

Scissor Lift Hire

Putting it simply, a Scissor Lift is a powered access machine that elevates you in a vertical direction i.e straight up, no horizontal reach. The word ‘scissor’ relates to the crisscrossing metal supports that elongate as the platform is raised. The Skyjack SJ3219 is a popular choice.

Scissor Lift hire is typically preferred when an operator requires more space on the platform itself and also a greater capacity (safe working load).  

Skyjack SJ3219
Nifylift HR21 4×4 Hybrid