Stairway Tower

Our stairway access towers are specifically designed for use in stairways, to provide a safe and secure means of access whilst working at a height. Essentially, these are scaffolds for steps.

These self-build scaffold towers meet all the health & safety standards required by law, so they can be used on steps and stairs on industrial premises, commercial premises, construction sites, and more. Ideal for contractors, painters, decorators, maintenance/repair workers, construction workers, and the general public, these scaffold towers allow you to work safely above stairs to complete overhead installations, decorating jobs, repairs, and more.

These stair scaffold towers use a patented movable ladder frame which allows you to enter the tower safely, directly from the stairwell. This means that you do not need to risk safety by squeezing past stairway gaps or trying to climb frame supports that were not designed for platform access. Instead, you simply climb to the working platform from the inside of the tower, using the integrated ladder access system - as recommended by all Health & Safety committees.

These Stair Deck indoor scaffold towers are simple to assemble and come supplied with everything you need, including the safety handrail, working platform, ladder access system and safety toe boards, stabilizers, and adjustable locking; so they are a convenient and practical solution to your access problems, without compromising safety and security.

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